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Doctors are nice, they are elaborative in explaining their diagnosis to me. the clinic itself is comfortable..
2 months ago
- Paula S.
Great clinic, the doctor is so kind and professional, she cares about her patients and does a very thorough check
5 months ago
- Rawan S.
Amazing knowledgeable doctor, very professional, clean tidy clinic. Amazing overall!
5 months ago
- Ameed A.
Dr abesamis was friendly and very professional highly recommend
5 months ago
- Richard F.
Abesamis Eye Care in Medical Plaza, Makati: where care and professionalism meet โ€” this was my experience when I visited them last November 2022. I visited the clinic as I was having double vision, intense headaches, and blurring eyes. Doc Abesamis herself approached me and was very thorough and comprehensive in checking the condition of my eyes and teaching me how to take care of them. Here are the details I learned from my visit! โ€ข High technology! Doc Abesamis said that only 2 clinics here in the Philippines have certain equipment to help diagnose eye conditions! And this includes their clinic!! Imagine! โ€ข Any HMO accepted! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other personal observations! โ€ข Elegant and beautiful ambiance of the clinic โ€ข Kind staff and doctors Give yourself and your eye the care that you need by visiting Abesamis Eye Care! ๐Ÿ’–
5 months ago
- Steph F.
They perform a really comprehensive eye exam, the doctors are nice and accommodating when answering all my questions about my eye conditions. Highly recommend!
6 months ago
- Ina S.
Comprehensive eye exam is so worth it. They accept HMO and the doctor is very hands on.
7 months ago
- Kenneth S.