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When the “blind” see

When the blind see blogpostToday, we were blessed to host Mr. Rob Hikes, vice president of eSight, a revolutionary low vision device that lets people with certain visual impairments see better. We had five people with visual impairments including retinal detachment, congenital aniridia, glaucoma, and macular degeneration try out the device at our clinic, and several others in different eye centers around Manila. To have them see only hand movement or count fingers at 2 meters, and then, by wearing the device, have them see 20/20, was very humbling and exciting at the same time.

Technology really is amazing and life-changing. We saw firsthand the change in countenance of these people when suddenly, they can recognize faces, see cars moving, read signs from a distance, read sentences, and just imagining the possibilities this kind of technology can bring to their lives. We are doing what we can to bring this technology to the Philippines, knowing how much it can change the lives of people.

This photo above shows our doctors, Dr. Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso (wearing white) and Dr. Keren Abesamis-Fernandez (far right) with members of PAVIC, or Parent Advocates for Visually Impaired Children and Mr. Hikes after the demo. Christopher (wearing black) and Marian (wearing eSight) are both visually-impaired. We had them try out the device and suffice to say, they were astounded at the possibilities of this device for their lives. The cost of eSight for the Philippines has not yet been finalized, although in the US it is around 10K USD. Considering this is a big financial challenge for Filipinos, we're hoping to partner with organizations and those who want to bless others to help finance a part of the cost of this technology. It really is life-changing device and we are excited of the possibilities.

To know more about eSight, please visit their website here.